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                           N.P.A MISSION STATEMENT

"To ensure the efficient management of port operations, optimal allocation and use of resources, diversification of sources of revenue and guarenteeing adequate returns on its investments, in order to contribute effectively to the well-being of the Nigerian society."

The history of sea port development in Nigeria dates back to the mid-19th century, following the adventures of early explorers on the West African Coast and the international trade which resulted. Initial efforts consisted of opening up the entrance to the Lagos Lagoon and the provision of facilities for ocean-going vessels, the mainstreamer SS Akoko, entered the new Lagos Harbour. Two months later the Customs Wharf on Lagos Island was opened, and not long after Apapa and Port-Harcourt were added to the network of ports.

The establishment of the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA for short, in 1954, brought a new impetus in the development of Nigerian sea ports. The organisation made remarkable progress and in line with goverment's efforts to improve the services and revenue yeilding potentials of the organisation, the activities of Nigerian
Ports were commercialised in 1992 under the name, "Nigerian Ports Plc". However, considering the fact that the company is still wholly owned by the goverment, it reverted to its former name,



This reversion is however, not in conflict with commercialisation efforts and the commitment to improved services. Nigerian Ports Authority today operates under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Transport with the responsibility of providing specific ports and harbour services for the country's maritime

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