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The service portfolio of our organization is tailored to meet your requirements. We offer world class services at a reasonable cost. The services include the following:

Customs brokerage
This is a vital aspect of our service portfolio. Our operations cut across the airports and the seaports. Highly seasoned professionals are stationed at each port to oversee the loading the processing of the customs entries and actual collection of the cargo and eventual delivery to the destination so required. All these processes are undertaken with great consideration to meet your delivery within the shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost. This is the edge we have over and above our competitors and this has greatly endeared us to numerous clients both within and outside the country.

Off–Shore logistics support
We are duly registered and licensed to carry on total offshore logistics support to oil and gas services sector.


Balaguer Limited provides complete range of services including:

*Material and personnel transfer
*Bulk [dry and liquid] material transfer
*Drill cuttings transfer
*Touring rigs, barges, crude oil tankers and other vessels on a contract basis.

We also offer the services of the following specialized vessels on a contract basis.

-Anchor handling tug supply vessels [AHTS]
-Platform\ offshore supply vessels [PS\OSV]
-Fast support intervention vessels [FSIV]
-Line handling tugs [LHT]

Cargo consolidation \break bulk

We help you in the collection of your cargo from your various manufacture all over the world. The same thing is also done in the case of cargoes leaving Nigeria. These cargoes are collected from various points and are later forwarded to any country in the world as you may require based on your routing order. The advantage of this is that it enables us to negotiate lower freight with the shipping companies and the airlines n your behalf and thereby increase your profit margin.

Bulk cargo handling
We undertake the handling of the bulk cargo. We liaise with various organs responsible for the releasing\clearance of the cargo and arrange quick, neat and safe delivery to destination.

Project cargo handling

We also undertake specific project cargo handling. We arrange and negotiate cargo packing, freight and customs clearance at port of loading and port of discharge globally with the professional assistance of our foreign affiliates and associates. This is a service designed specifically designed to help our clients to reduce cost and maximize their profits. We are involved in the collection of materials \cargoes from the suppliers\manufacturers overseas or whatever they may be, arrange for the necessary cargo inspection by the Nigerian government appointed cargo inspectors [until C.R.I is issued], organize the freighting to Nigeria, ensure that the materials \cargoes are delivered to the specific sites\warehouses].

During the process of freighting adequate monitoring and tracking of the cargo is done and appropriate status report is given to ensure that schedules at various stages of the project are met up to final stages of the project are met up to final completion.

Freight Forwarding

We also assist in the packing of your cargo and the export by sea, air or land to anywhere in the world either on a door-to-door or door-to post basis. Our associates in the country of origin will assist in the area of packing to relieve you of the burden of customs procedures. We or our associate are always on hand to clear your cargoes and deliver to you wherever you want it. We may also just the goods from the country of origin to the port overseas from where you may then organize the customs clearance yourself.

Goods-in- Transit insurance cover [GIT]
It is one of the cardinal policies of the company that all goods entrusted in her custody are handled with utmost care and security, bearing in mind the possible risk involved in such handling. The company therefore has a minimum insurance policy of up to tune of 30,000.00 that cover goods in our care from the point of loading to the point of final delivery. However, where the risk involved is higher than our current minimum GIT, there is always an arrangement to place an appropriate cover as the need arises.

General Contracts
In addition to the above, our organization also undertakes general contracts, which may include supply of office stationery, office equipments like typewriters, computers, and photocopying machines. We also supply other electrical and engineering equipments and other items of general nature can also be supplied.











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